in answer to shopping list questions ..

15th October 2017

As you are probably aware. October sees many churches and schools having harvest celebrations and collections and much of the non-perishable donations are being donated to Foodbank.

This has meant a large quantity of foodstuff and other donations are, almost literally, flooding into our warehouse. Probably about 4 tonnes have come in in about a fortnight with much more expected over the next week as we draw close to half term for many local schools.

Our priority has had to be receiving donations in and processing them and  transporting some to back-up storage whilst all the time ensuring the client’s boxes of food are made up and got to our distribution centres. This has involved getting in extra warehouse volunteers who are putting in extra time to get all this done.

All of this has meant we cannot guage our stock levels of different food types with any accuracy at the moment, so we do not have a new shopping list for October. I anticipate all foodstuffs are held in sufficient quantity at the present moment although less so with other donation types.

Until we can update our shopping list I suggest either waiting until the November list comes out which will primarily be our Christmas list or give any foodstuffs and extras that you choose.

As we are aware of any lacks we will update the website.

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